What You Can Do With The CyberSecured Suite

Our Online Cyber Security Management Software is Made for ANY Very Small Business with no Cyber Security Professionals on staff.

Everything is done at your own pace.

We do not recommend doing all material in one sitting.


Reminder Service

After Logging in, the reminder service will help guide you (or an employee) throughout the year on what you need to be doing to secure your business, and includes the following steps below.



 Take Risk Assessments and Start Securing

Self assess your risk of various possible security breaches. Save your risk assessments and revisit them to view guides on fixing your security issues.


 Complete the Security Awareness Course

The security awareness course covers security awareness through scenario based exercises in 5 different subjects.


 Create Cyber Crisis Incident Response Plans

Prepare for a Cyber Incident and Recover from it quick by creating a 'Cyber Incident Response Plan' and an 'Identity Theft Response Plan.'


 Create Various Security Policies

Our generators allow you to quickly create security-minded policies to go by for you, your business, and your employees to follow.


 Calculate Your Overall Cyber Security Risk

Quickly find out where you're at in securing your small business. Gauge how at risk you're at if a cyber attack is to happen to your business. 


 Show Your Customers You are Trustworthy

When you get and maintain an "A" status grade, you'll be able to place a verifiable 'trust' badge on your website (or a printable placard) to help tell current and future customers that you're trustworthy when it comes to yours and their security. Learn how to get and maintain an "A" status here.


Various Other Services

To reinforce your security to an even higher degree, we have various other services that include:


  • Consulting - Ask public or private cyber security questions to our certified cyber security professionals.
  • Knowledge Base - browse through old questions in our knowledge-base to get quicker answers to your questions.
  • DISO - Have one of your employees be a "designated information security official" to handle all your security issues.

Achieve Safety, Security, & Piece of Mind.

15 Day Money Back Guarantee.