Computer login? You might be surprised to know that there are business computers out there that don’t have log-in prompts- anyone is free to use them!

One way to help stop would-be criminals from accessing your private data on your PC’s is to simply enable log-in only access. It’s possible (and sometimes default) for all PC’s to have no log-in. This is a bad practice, especially if your computers hold any kind of business or client data on it. In addition to having a log in, each user of your home or work computer should have their own log-in accounts. This allows them to customize their workspace and make it easier to trace logging in case of a security event that happens.

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It should at least be a priority that you enable account log-in’s and separate accounts for your employees (or family members) on your PC’s and Mac’s. This simple change can help prevent even the most casual of hackers from disturbing your systems if they are even just near one. An open business computer with nobody on it to a cyber criminal can be an open invitation to trouble. Don’t be an easy target.

computer login
Make a separate user account per employee. Do not share accounts between people if you can avoid it there are multiple security reasons for this, including minimal accountability and lack of an audit trail (which can be bad). There was a whitepaper on the security of shared accounts here.

Instead of us repeating what is perfect described by others already, we’ll give you references to guides on enabling log ins:

For Microsoft Windows users:

  • If your machine log’s in automatically, you can turn that off here using method 1.
  • After you turn off auto-login, configure your users to NOT be administrators, but to be in the user’s group, here.

For Macintosh OSX users:

Every person with a computer login should log out of the computer after they are finished. Every new person that is going to log into your computers should be presented with a log-in screen and have their own username and password to log-in.

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