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We recommend ID Shield if you want great ID theft protection services for yourself and your family. ID Shield is often bundled with LegalShield, but can be purchased separately. We use both LegalShield and IDshield for ourselves and this business. ID Shield provides ID theft monitoring, credit report monitoring, accompanying professional legal advice should you need it, and more (starts at $19.95/mo.). Legal Shield gives you general legal consultations and help for a variety of business reasons from a local law firm in a highly affordable monthly membership (starts at $39/mo.).

This is our overview of ID Shield

(as reviewed in November 2017)

In this review, we have blurred out all PII (personally identifiable information) for user privacy.

After a visit to IDShield’s website, you would log in through the link in the top right of the homepage labeled ‘Members’:

When you first log in, many times big data breach notifications will come up, pointing out that ID Shield can help if you find that you were involved in one. This Uber one was a big deal:

Alert and Credit Report Summary

After you close the notification box, the first part that you’ll see is a summary of your alerts, regular and emergency contact phone numbers, and your credit report summary. If you click “View Report” button, you’ll see your full credit and identity report (through Experian) complete with your credit score and all the details to your report as you’d expect. The top alert summary box may often have new information about, for example, if they found your internet monitored (see below) email address and your password listed somewhere on the internet (yes, this has happened).

Internet Monitoring

The next section is called ‘Internet Monitoring’. This allows you to put in your information that you wish for IDshield to monitor the internet for. IDshield says that it “Monitors thousands of websites and millions of data points, and alerts you if your personal information is found being bought or sold online.” Any issues it finds is generally listed in this section and in the Alerts Summary box at the top of the page:

Public Persona

There is one final thing to note on this page. The “public persona” box in the lower right of the page will point out known current or old addresses associated with your social security number. This is excellent for helping detect anyone living or purchasing under your name. IDshield says “Any data found that you do not recognize as your own, may be a sign of fraudulent activity. It also monitors for changes and will alert you if the initial report is updated with new information.”

Unlimited Consultations

A nifty service that can help you if you have any issues is the unlimited consultations with licensed investigators. The following from their website states why you might want to contact an investigator and what a consultation can do for you:

Full Service Restoration

And last, but not least, IDShield comes with “full service restoration” of your identity, which may be one of the most important things to have after you find out you had your identity stolen.

Other useful features that IDShield handles are:

  • Lost wallet protection and assistance
  • Reducing mail and phone solicitations assistance


Learn More or Sign Up


If you want to learn more about IDShield or LegalShield or sign up for it, please visit our LegalShield agent, Kay Trotman’s website here. She is a well known and trusted individual that we’ve known for years and has personal experience using LegalShield and IDShield’s services herself. You’ll can read more about services on her website or click on the IDShield links in the purple box on the same website to learn more:

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