How Would You Feel If You Lost Your Entire
Small Business In A Cyber Attack?

Certify That It's Secure With The Premier Cyber Security Management Suite.

Printable 'Cyber Secured' Placards and Certificates available.

Certifying Your Small Business May Gain More Customer Trust.

Vastly improve your small business's cyber security at your own pace.
Then become 'Cyber Secured' certified.

(no delay, free to try)

All small businesses should be legally compliant...

...with their country or state's data security laws. Are you?

We assist you in securing and managing cyber security to help meet these law requirements for every business.

-US based laws collected on the National Conference of State Legislatures website; 1 2

Who Is This Online Software For?

Designed specifically for very small businesses with a concern for preventing cyber attacks:


Single Owner Businesses


Businesses With 1 to 20 Employees


Works for Businesses That Aren't Primarily Internet Based

Cyber secure your business and life yourself or you can have an employee or contractor do it for you.

Be Aware:

"60% of small companies that suffer a cyber attack are out of business within six months"

Reduce Your Risk Of Successful Cyber Attacks To Your Home And Business.

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"Get cyber secured opened my eyes to how much there is to know about cyber-security and empowered me to have the tools and knowledge to better protect my business and my peace of mind."


Lauren @


Becoming "Cyber-Secured"
May Attract and Keep More Business.

Self-assess and when you get an "A" security rating,
you'll get a "Cyber Secured" trust badge to show on your website or printed media:


(Self-assess your business, fix issues,

and get an easy-to-understand rating.)

(Get a verifiable badge to show

your Cyber-Secured status certificate.

Go ahead, click it!)

Printable 'Cyber Secured' Placards and Certificates available.

(Get printable signs to show

you're Cyber-Secured to visitors

of your business or booth.)


Your Customers Feel Secure.

They Gain Trust and Confidence In You And Your Business In Handling Their Money And Information.

You'll Feel Secure.

You Gain Cyber Confidence In Yourself And Your Business Being Able To Weather Any Cyber Storm.

The World Gets More Secure.

Getting A Cyber Compromise Is An Absolutely Horrible Feeling. We Passionately Don't Want Others To Have To Feel This Way.


Our Cyber Security Management Software Suite...

...Can Help You Achieve a Practical Level of Cyber Security Defense for You and Your Business.

Saving You Time

(vs. Going Through All The Involved Research Yourself Or Tracking Security From Scratch, etc.)

Saving You Money

(vs. Hiring Security Consultants Or In Paying For Cyber Attack Victims Of Your Data Breach, etc.)

Achieve Safety, Security, and Piece of Mind keeping Cyber Attacks at Bay.


Charles @

"I took Get Cyber Secured Security Awareness Classes and learned a lot, even though I've been online over 14 years. Their yearly Risk Assessments are a great resource to help keep your computer systems safe from hackers. You can't go wrong with their timely up-to-date cybersecurity information."


"71% of [cyber] security breaches target small businesses"


Businesses use (online) software to manage accounting, scheduling, billing & invoicing, taxes, documents, and others.

But what about managing cyber security?


Cyber security management software is something every small business needs to have.


It can help protect all your other software, your business, yourself, and your family.

Achieve Safety, Security, & Piece of Mind.

15 Day Money Back Guarantee.