The CyberSecured System

Easy DIY cyber security services unified by our step-by-step reminders

Essentially A Comprehensive DIY Cyber-Security-Program "In a Box" for Your Small Business

Self assess your risk for cyber security breaches, fix issues before they happen

Download risk assessment to-do lists for yourself or others to work from

Get custom email and sms alerts when new attacks can target your systems

Consult with cyber security professionals, like having your own on staff

Access a private knowledge-base of cyber security questions for quick answers

Learn to create policies, execute incident response and manage a cyber crisis

Increase your awareness through an online security awareness training course

Periodic updates to everything we offer, helping mitigate new cyber threats

Get email reminders to help keep you on track and ready to secure

Too busy? Have your employee take our special class then secure for you

Test & measure employee's actual email security with harmless phishing emails

Easily assess severity of a cyber event and determine the best course of action