Details Of The Entire Cyber Secured Suite


Our Simple Online Cyber-Secured Risk Management Software Suite is specifically designed for very small businesses. It's very easy to use, even for many "non-computer" people,
and follows a very simple cycle:


Essentially, this is your DIY in-house cyber-security-program for your small business.

You have the option to spread tasks over a year for yourself or a person you appoint.

Standard membership includes:

Increase Your Awareness Through an Online Security Awareness Course

The security awareness course teaches and tells you about security awareness through scenario based exercises.


You read and answer questions in the following classes:

  • Safe Computer and Web Browsing
  • Social Engineering
  • Social Engineering 2 -Phishing
  • Social Networking and Social Media
  • Office Security

Self Assess Your Cyber Security Risk, Fix Issues Before They Happen

The self risk assessments are a collection of interactive documents that apply to both home and business.


These documents present you with specific questions about what you have, how it compares to what is considered 'more secured', and point to our private articles on how to fix or patch whatever problems you have. There are 2 sets of risk assessments:

  • Foundational Risk Assessments - These assessments get you to a great baseline of cyber-security to stop cyber attackers.
  • Defense In Depth Risk Assessments - These assessments add extra layers of security to help achieve "Defense In Depth", more completely protecting you from cyber attackers.

You can ask questions to us about these assessments by leaving comments for members-only "public" consulting.

After you complete any risk assessment, you have a choice for our system to save your risk assessment score. This risk assessment score will aid you getting an overall risk evaluation grade that will tell you where you're at and keeps track of your assessment scores, etc.

When you get an "A" status grade, that is, when you have completed all your securing and have no outstanding issues, you'll be able to place a verifiable badge on your website to help tell current and future customers that you're trustworthy when it comes to yours and their security. You'll also be able to print a verifiable sign to be shown physically at your business or booth.

Regenerate the certificate every 6 months, re-assess risk and security awareness course once a year, and stay in membership to keep this status. Reminders will help keep you on track.

Download risk assessment to-do lists for yourself or others to work from.

Create Policies, Execute Incident Response & Manage a Cyber Crisis

Our generators allow you to create security-minded policies to go by for you, your business, and your employees to follow:

  • Computer & Internet Usage
  • Data Protection
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Cyber Security
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Social Media

Prepare for a Cyber Incident and Recover from it quick by creating a 'Cyber Incident Response Plan' and an 'Identity Theft Response Plan.'


Start from a solid foundation and know exactly what to do when a crisis happens.

Get Email Reminders to Help Keep You on Track With Securing Tasks

We'll automatically send you periodic reminder emails about when to use any GetCyberSecured services

A few examples of reminder's you'll get in your inbox:

  • When it's ideal to make backups of your systems
  • When it's ideal to update your systems
  • For key dates related to protecting your identity
  • When to do your Risk Assessments (RA's)
  • When to complete your security awareness training

Spread your securing tasks through the year.

Gold Membership Includes

Consult with Privately Cyber Security Professionals

Ask cyber security questions to our certified cyber security professionals


You can ask questions about:

  • Subjects covered in the risk assessments
  • Subjects in Security Awareness Classes
  • Security situations you may be in
  • Security events in the news
  • Security recommendations
  • And more!

Also, browse through old questions in our knowledge-base or in the risk assessment security articles to get even quicker answers to your questions.

It's like having your own security personnel on staff.

Have An Employee Do the Work For You

Have them become a DISO ("Designated Information Security Official") for your business


We have a training class and certification for them that will let them know their responsibilities of being a cyber security person for your business and how to get started securing.

They have all that you have on GetCyberSecured at their disposal (consulting, awareness classes, reminders, alerts, risk assessments, kitchen sink, everything...) and even more.

This IS having your own security personnel on staff.

The GetCyberSecured cyber security platform or any separate service of it is for small businesses (single person or up to 20 employees), regardless of whether they have a physical business location or website or not.

Achieve Safety, Security, & Piece of Mind.

15 Day Money Back Guarantee.