Please use the following guidelines when consulting our pros.:

  • You can ask questions about any subject covered in the risk assessments, including if you're not clear about something presented. This includes questions for home and business. We may be able to guide you or give other such advice to help you pass the assessment.
  • You can ask questions about a situation you're in or will be in.
    • For example, if you're traveling with a laptop or other specific devices, you can ask about how to securely communicate or get on the internet with said devices in a specific country.
    • Another example might be how a specific breach or method mentioned in the media will affect your business. (assuming you send us a list of hardware you're concerned about)
  • Please do not divulge any highly sensitive or private information about yourself, your business, or any online accounts you hold.
  • We cannot remotely or physically do the work in the risk assessments, classes, or otherwise; we can only advise.
  • For near-instant turn around, you'll be presented with easy knowledge-base access to search through before you'll use the question prompt.
  • Limit the amount of questions to 1 per business day (Monday - Friday). You may, however, get multiple back and forth responses for a single question in a single day. Also, you may get responses from us over the weekend too.
  • Though you will be talking with certified cyber security professionals with some years of experience and we attempt to give you the best advice for the situation you present us with, we ultimately cannot be held liable to any damage done to any of your IT systems, equipment, or business. This is true of nearly all independent cyber security consultants or companies.

Currently, we limit the amount of unique private consulting questions to 2 questions a week (or 10 a week for public consulting on risk assessment articles). This may change to more or less in the future. Our private system, is set up like having a conversation, so you can have as many back-and-forth emails as you need to solve an issue for each consulting question you send us.

All questions and answers will be sanitized of personally identifiable information and specific information so it can be generalized and placed into our knowledge-base for everyone to use.

If you would like to view some examples of questions asked and answers we gave, visit here.