Yes, you heard right. We’re making a cyber security computer game! It’ll be built right into our website. The working title of it is, of course, “Get Cyber Secured”.

“Why?” you might ask?

Because we believe in games as a valuable learning media. Combining visual, written, audio, and interactive mediums, games can be one of the best ways to teach and train a particular subject or concept. And even more so, fun games that aren’t completely Q&A tests can do this the best- We’re looking at you, bad 1990’s educational games.

Currently, our game is barely in it’s pre-alpha stage so we have no footage or images to show you of it, but rest assured, it works. We just play tested this basic version of it and it exudes several elements of fun to it, mixing some strategy typical of popular tower defense games with classic role-playing choice and movement features. It’s… hard to explain because to our knowledge, this exact style and genre has never been done before.

We feel this game will help keep cyber securing interesting for the everyday person, business owner, or employee using our cyber security management software. The premise is that you’ll play as a rookie security consultant attempting to secure an owner’s small business from cyber attackers.

Here are some features it will have or augment:

  • It will be desktop, laptop, and mobile compatible, and built into the website, accessible through your web browser like any other page.
  • It will act as an optional training course for applying security controls to your business.
  • We’ll eventually have several types of businesses to choose from, one of which may match the kind of business you have, actually showing different ways cyber attackers will try to get into your business.
  • Our security awareness course AND DISO yearly training/test can be fulfilled via the traditional course we have, or by finishing a short version of this game that tests you on awareness.
  • New Product – Though not a feature we have at the moment, we intend to have this be a fun way to mass train your employees in security awareness- Coming next year (2020).

GetCyberSecured really is about to get even more interesting (and fun). We’ll have a Demo soon, hopefully ready in October, if not September.