Does Providing Cyber Security Solutions Complement Your Business?

How about providing exclusive deals just for your clients? (we offer lifetime discounts coupons to our verified affiliates)

Perhaps some of your clients are required by their state to provide "Reasonable Security Procedures And Practices" but they, like many businesses, don't know about this legal requirement.

You might even have vested interest in keeping your clients or followers businesses alive and surviving seeing that:

"60% of small companies that suffer a cyber attack are out of business within six months" - NCSA and DHS


Recommend a cyber security solution to your small business clients.


Our simple catch-all cyber security software solution is what you're looking for.

Our affiliate program is perfect for:

  • Business Coaches
  • Business Consultants of many types
  • Business Bloggers
  • Web Hosts
  • Internet Marketers
  • Website design companies
  • Those who promote having a good cyber security posture
  • And anyone else who has a complimentary business

Important details of our affiliate program


Get 20% recurring Income for each customer referred as long as they stay with us.

Based on their subscription term; every month or year you'll recieve 20% of each payment they make.

Your commission automatically adjusts the amount if they upgrade/ downgrade their membership in the future.



Done in monthly or yearly intervals for new customers based on the time period a customer signs up for (i.e. a yearly signup gives you a yearly payout once a year, monthly gives you monthly payout).

Payout is done through PayPal so you must have a PayPal account to receive your commission.


Substantial savings exclusively for your clients with a custom affiliate coupon code:

You choose the coupon code name applicable for monthly or yearly subscriptions. It's associated with your affiliate account so if you put that coupon code out there and when someone uses that coupon code, you get the recurring commission and that person saves up to 20% off any recurring fees. Your choice on how much percentage.


Affiliate hyperlink:

Recommend people through your emails, websites, posts, by having them visit through your affiliate hyperlink.

If someone purchases a subscription plan on our website through your hyperlink within 60 days after clicking it (a 60-day cookie), then you will get commission for that sale.


Provided Marketing Materials

We provide marketing materials to help you get started promoting after you sign in.

This includes full and half page printable paper ads (with space to write your coupon code) and descriptions about our services for blog posts or social media posts.


Simple Affiliate Dashboard

Your affiliate dashboard allows you to easily track who you are referring and how much commission is coming each pay period. You can also sign up for a custom discount coupon code and view marketing materials.


Example Projections:

If you initially refer just 50 clients on the first month and they stay in for 12 months on the standard plan, you'll get $776/mo. or $9,312/yr.

If you can refer 50 new clients every month, that is $60,528 in a years time, all recurring income.