As a small business owner, do cyber attacks concern you?

Our software can help you increase your cyber defenses, meet legal requirements, and increase customer trust.

Cyber criminals attack small businesses that owners think are "too small".

Use our cyber management software to avoid being the perfect target.

New cyber laws require small businesses to have cyber security.

Our software can help you meet cyber requirements, increase your cyber defenses, and increase customer trust.


How can customers trust your security?


"With all the cyber attacks in the news, is it really safe to buy from this business?"


Certify your security with our simple online Cyber Security Management Suite.



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Get Certified as CyberSecured

Printable 'Cyber Secured' Placards and Certificates available.


When customers feel confident, they're more likely to purchase.


"Cyber Secured. They're secured beyond just their website.

I get it."


Getting cyber secured may satisfy your region or state's cyber laws.

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Costly Cyber AttacksNew Cyber Laws

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We help you develop and manage reasonable security.


"Get cyber secured opened my eyes to how much there is to know about cyber-security and empowered me to have the tools and knowledge to better protect my business and my peace of mind."


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"I took Get Cyber Secured Security Awareness Classes and learned a lot, even though I've been online over 14 years. Their yearly Risk Assessments are a great resource to help keep your computer systems safe from hackers. You can't go wrong with their timely up-to-date cybersecurity information."


No business, whether online, brick & mortar, or otherwise is too small or too large to fall victim to cyber attacks.