Cyber Attacks Can Easily Destroy Your Small Business.


Cyber Security Risk Management is the Key for Small Businesses to Stop Successful Cyber Attacks.


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A Complete Cyber Security 'Risk & Prevention' Software Suite Online for Small Businesses.


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Find Out If Your Business Is On The Right Track To Being Safer From Cyber Attacks.


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"71% of [computer hacking] security breaches target small businesses"

"60% of small companies that suffer a cyber attack are out of business within six months"

Our Online Cyber Security Management Software is Made for ANY Very Small Business with no Cyber Security Professionals on staff.


Single Owner Businesses


Businesses With 0 to 20 Employees


Works for Businesses That Aren't Primarily Internet Based

Cyber secure your business and life yourself or you can have an employee or contractor do it for you.

Reduce Your Risk Of Successful Cyber Attacks To Your Home And Business.

Stop Malicious Cyber Activity
Prevent Hacked Devices for Bot-nets
Stop Phishing and/or Stealing of your Money
Prevent Malware from Infecting Your Systems
Prevent Infected USB 'thumb' drives or Social Engineers In
Avoid Infected Emails, Spam, and Fake Services

Awareness • Risk • Securing • Alerts • Consulting

Safety, Security, and Piece of Mind keeping Cyber Attacks at Bay.

"Get cyber secured opened my eyes to how much there is to know about cyber-security and empowered me to have the tools and knowledge to better protect my business and my peace of mind."


Lauren @


Being "Cyber-Secured" Can Have It's Benefits:


Get an "A" security rating and you'll get a "Cyber Secured" trust badge to show on your website.

This can help point out to your customers that you have yours and their security covered.

You'll Feel Secure.

You Gain Cyber Confidence In Yourself And Your Business Being Able To Weather Any Cyber "Storm"

Your Customers Feel Secure.

They Gain Trust and Confidence In You And Your Business In Handling Their Money And Information


We can help you achieve a practical level of cyber security defense for you and your business.

Saving You Time

(vs. Going Through All The Involved Research Yourself Or Tracking Security From Scratch)

Saving You Money

(vs. Hiring Security Consultants Or In Paying For Cyber Attack Victims Of Your Data Breach)


Our Simple Online Cyber-Secured Risk Management Software Suite is specifically designed for very small businesses. It's very easy to use, even for many "non-computer" people,
and follows a very simple cycle:


Essentially, this is your DIY in-house cyber-security-program for your small business.

You have the option to spread tasks over a year for yourself or a person you appoint.


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"I took Get Cyber Secured Security Awareness Classes and learned a lot, even though I've been online over 14 years. Their yearly Risk Assessments are a great resource to help keep your computer systems safe from hackers. You can't go wrong with their timely up-to-date cybersecurity information."


Take Cyber Risk Assessments Below. 

Know where you stand in small business cyber security.

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Each can take between 1 to 15 minutes.

After each risk assessment, download or print out the cyber security issues found in your small business.


Like using business software for accounting, scheduling, billing & invoicing, taxes, and others, cyber security management is something every small business needs to have.

It's the one that can protect all of what you already use and more.

Achieve Safety, Security, & Piece of Mind. Paid Membership is only $60/mo. $27/month (Introductory 55% off).

15 Day Money Back Guarantee.